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I'm Sara, the proud owner of The Nail Craft!  I've been a part of the beauty Industry for about 10 years. My journey started with makeup and skincare and later I found the wonderful world of nails! I have been a Nail Tech since 2019 and have owned The Nail Craft for 3.5 years. I specialize in natural nail health and provide structured gel manicures. Freehand nail art is my passion and I love to recreate funky nail designs! Nails were not on my radar when I was in beauty school but I'm so glad I came across them down the road! I can't wait to meet you and make all your 'Pinterest nails" a reality!

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fun facts  

  • ​I'm from a small town in Nebraska

  • I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Greg, and we've been together for 10 years.

  • I have three fur babies a Shih Zhu named Kevin and a German shepherd named Mya and a cat, Carol

  • I love all things Disney and I even have a Disney engagement ring!

  • I used to do competitive figure skating for 10 years, and still go as often as I can

  • I attended Xenon for beauty school.

  • I never did art or painting growing up, I just happen to be good at painting on tiny canvases!

  • My favorite food is crab legs and I can't resist a bag of plain potato chips

  • I have a major white shoe obsession, when you see me I will probably have on some kind of white shoe.

  • If I didn't live in Nebraska I would live in Florida so I could go to Disney whenever I want! 

  • I love true crime shows.

  • My favorite nail design is floral!

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