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What's the difference between structured gel and all the other products on the market?

Structured gel is a hybrid product, it combines the properties of dip, acrylic, and gel all into one product. It is strong, durable and flexible. This cuts back on chipping, breaking, and lifting that you may see with other nail products. This product can also be filed off and filled so it cuts down on wear and tear on the natural nail.

What can I do to make my manicure last longer?

  • Apply cuticle oil every day to cuticles and under the edge of nail twice a day. cuticle oil acts as a glue between the nail and product preventing lifting

  • wear gloves while using chemicals and putting your hands in water.​

  • Do not use your nails to pick things or to open items

  • If you have a hangnail, take a file and hold it 45 degrees to the edge of the nail and bevel it into the product. 

Do you remove dip or acrylics?

I do not remove dip or acrylics. Please come with bare nails to your first appt.

How do I remove polish at home?

File of the top coat until it looks dull. Then file off as much product as you can. Then wrap your nails in foil with 100% acetone (has to be 100%) and let them soak for 20 minutes. then use a wooden stick or nail tool and scrape off the rest. then apply cuticle oil.

Other questions?

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